Costumes Designed for the Short Film Time for Tea. Huang, a Chinese retired general, lives alone in the city centre. Traditional and conservative, he hardly leaves home. One day, Huang receives an unusual visit from his grandson.

Awarded over 20 times and nominated over 60 times in Brazilian national and international short film festivals, time for tea has become a reference in the LGBT+ section of short films.

Director: Bob Yang

Written by: Bob Yang and Frederico Evaristo

Producer: Gabriel Helú

Director of Photography: Hassan Shahateet

Sound director: Antonio Curti

Art Director: Manoela Clemente

Costume Design: Gabriela Lotaif

Make Up Artist: Tami Kanjino

Performers: Tony Lee, Kenji Ogawa, Rebeca Lin, Lucia Zhao, Renata Bastos

Behind the Scenes Photography: Roberto Athié Curan