Performance for Radvilé Kisieliute’s Film Unit project for the MA Costume Design for Performance at London College of Fashion, UAL. The Short Film is based on the ‘Twelfth Night’ by W. Shakespeare, with the realized character of Feste.

Context: Mardi Gras Carnival in Lithuania character witch, her relation with the fool and three womanhood stages led by moon phases through 5 transformative states.

State 1: Young Woman inspired by Otto Dix “Moon Woman”.

State 2: Mother. Inspired by Otto Dix “Pregnant woman”.

State 3: Crone.

State 4: Inspired by Lithuanian Mardi Gras character the Witch and

State 5: Feste the fool.

Concept, design and costume realisation by: Radvile Kisieliute
Film edited by: Radvile Kisieliute
Performer: Gabriela Lotaif
Project leadership and photography by: Agnes Treplin for UAL:LCF
Filming by: Stephanie Hargreaves
On location team: Mady Berry, Aloma Barnes, Ying Zhu
Music: I hear-by declare that I do not own the rights to this music/song named ‘Departure’ by DASK. All rights belong to the owner DASK. Departure by DASK is licensed under a Attribution-NoDerivatives License.