Luna Clara anda para Apolo Onze anda para Luna Clara is a Costume Design final project presented to my BA Fashion Design with costume design specialisation at the Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado - FAAP.

The aim of this project is to design costumes based on the concept of walking and it’s universe for a Children’s musical play adapted from the youth literature piece written by Adriana Falcão, “Luna Clara e Apolo Onze”.

The costume was developed based on three different theoretical sectors. At first, the act of walking is shown as a main subject. Therefore this first sector covered varied aspects of this practice such as movement, body language and even the sociology of the interpretation of what it communicates. Secondly, random observations I have taken - throughout my creative process and most importantly prior to it - are put on focus. They are free literary productions I had created about people walking past me on the occasion of my writing and were used as an inspiration to the project. After that, the notions aspiring the act of walking were applied to the story of Adriana Falcão’s book.

Costume Design and conceptualisation: Gabriela Lotaif

Project Leader: Monayna Pinheiro

Costume Design academic advisor: Cristiane Cândido

Course Leader: Ivan Bismara

Photographer: João Antônio Benz Fagim

Director of Photography and editor: Filipe Perez

Performers: André de Paula, Fernanda Binotti, Nina, Tati, Lucas, Sophia Tomazelli, Victor Alexandre de Paula

Drawings and Illustrations of all the characters in the book: