I Trained in Fashion Design in Brazil before embarking on the MA Costume Design for Performance at LCF - UAL. My work focuses on developing textile through embodiment of peculiar elements in order to tell a story. I have also great interest in garment and performance technology, which tend to become important aspects of my creations and professional endeavours. I have worked in opera, film, theatre and dance productions in Brazil and London.

I also graduated as a classical ballet dancer once, which then led me to contemporary dance. When I found out how many different aspects of the body I could use in dance if I travelled from a style to the other I decided I had as a mission to find out as much as I could about new bodily rhythms and techniques. This led me to train in Latin Ballroom Dance, Belly Dance, Street Dance and try to learn as many of the styles within these as I possibly could.

During my career, I have always actively attempted to bring out aspects of my origin. I try to insert Brazilian folklore and culture into my work, especially because this defines a huge part of what I am. I believe a creative must bring out their personality to their work in some level. I usually tend to have a very human-focused creative process. I very often try to study human behaviour and the relationship between members of society through my textural and bodily storytelling.

These studies (and plays) have taught me that the body is precious and have made me even more interested in creating an over-layer to it that could somehow enhance and compliment its capacity.

In my practice I attempt to mix my passions into one main creative burst. So far I have been able to find a quite decent harmony in between Body Training, Texture, Micro-motion Technology and Storytelling.