Trained in Fashion Design in Brazil before embarking on the MA Costume Design for Performance at LCF. My work focuses on developing textile through embodiment of peculiar elements in order to tell a story. I have also great interest in garment and performance technology, which tend to become important aspects of my creations and professional endeavours. I have worked in opera, film, theatre and dance productions in Brazil and London.



MA Costume Design for Performance, London College of Fashion – UAL. London, UK. 2017-2018.

Final Piece: Mother of Water, a performance costume inspired by three Brazilian Folkloric female water entities, staged at the Sadler’s Wells Lilian Baylis Studio.

Fit, Balance and Proportion for Men’s Fashion, Fashion Institute of Technology. New York, USA. 2016.


Wardrobing for Theatre, Film and TV, Fashion Institute of Technology. New York, USA. 2016.


Fashion in Film and Media, Fashion Institute of Technology. New York, USA. 2016.


Successful Styling for Photography: Fashion Biz & Beyond, Fashion Institute of Technology. New York, USA. 2016.


BA Fashion Design, Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado – FAAP. São Paulo, Brazil. 2013-2016.

Final Piece: Luna Clara and para Apolo Onze anda para Luna Clara, costumes created for the Brazilian children’s book “Luna Clara e Apolo Onze” based on the theme of walking and it’s bodily and conceptual nuances. 


Technical Degree in Foreign Trade, Colégio Visconde de Porto Seguro – CVPS. São Paulo, Brazil. 2010-2012.

Awarded all the three annual projects during the course, all of which themed after a fashion-related subject applied to the foreign trade environment.

Pre, Elementary, Middle and High School, Colégio Visconde de Porto Seguro. São Paulo, Brazil. 1999-2012.


Professional Experience

Costume Designer, “3 Rounds of AMP”, London, UK. 2019.

Design and Making of costume for Amanda Pefkou’s piece at 3 Rounds of AMP, staged at The Place on the 13th of April. The piece is based on the choreographer’s conceptualization of the theme memory through the dance style K.R.U.M.P  (Kingdom. Radically. Uplifted. Mighty. Praise.).

TECHstyler LFW A/W 19-20 Crewmember, London, UK. 2019.

Content receiver for Brooke Roberts-Islam’s information channel for lending opinions and sharing interviews from the crossroads of fashion-technology, TECHstyler.

Costume Designer, Simon Brown’s Aerialist Costume, London, UK. 2019.

Design and Making of Simon Ambrose Brown’s my aerial house final performance of aerial circus.

Assistant Costume Designer, EAST WALL, London, UK. 2018.

Project resulting of a partnership between Hofesch Schecter Company, Historic Royal Palaces, LIFT, East London Dance, University of the Arts London and University of East London.

A five-star dance production (The Stage and The Guardian) that consisted of 150 performers storming the Tower of London in a spectacular collision of music and dance in 2018. 


Costumer Designer, “O que aconteceu naqueles primeiros dias”, São Paulo, Brazil. 2016-2017.

Short post-apocalyptic film. Part of the long film “Pela primeira Vez”, formed by several other shorts films that follow the thematic of a first time happening, be it in whichever context.

Costume Designer, “Guaraná Antártica Ad”, São Paulo, Brazil. 2016.

Ad for the brand Guaraná Antártica that introduced a youth-targeted approach to this company’s marketing strategies. The ad claimed to the skateboarders lifestyle.


Costume Designer, “AACD Ad”, São Paulo, Brazil. 2016.

Ad for the Children’s Health Institution AACD. The campaign was based on the disabled children’s life dreams and the part of the institution in making them come true.


Costume Designer, “Imaginários”, São Paulo, Brazil. 2015.

Short Film. Emotional depiction of certain psychological dependencies of the child within an adult raised in a violent family background through imaginary friends.


Costume Designer, “Time for Tea”, São Paulo, Brazil. 2015.

Short Film. Awarded 20 times and nominated to over 60 times, this production is based on the development of a very contrasting relationship between a very traditional Chinese immigrant in Brazil and his grandson. 


Costume Design Assistant, Theatro Municipal de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil. 2015.

Assisted Lorenzo Merlino in the production of over 300 costumes for the Russian Opera Eugene Onegin at one of the largest theatres in Latin America. The costume Design was rated as 5 star worthy by many Brazilian Theatre Publications.


Fashion Design Intern, Iódice, São Paulo, Brazil. 2014-2015.

Having had the function of Valedemar Iódice’s assistant overall within the company, I was able to learn of most areas in a large Fashion brand and how they function.


Intern, Monica Botelho Jóias, São Paulo, Brazil. 2012.

Having had the opportunity to assist the very few professionals working for this jewellery brand I was patiently taught about the many aspects of making and reforming jewellery pieces and it’s entire administrative process of pricing and marketing.


Experimental Practice

Costume Design Participant, Creative Lab – Arcade East 2018.

Workshop resulting of a partnership between London College of Fashion – UAL and East London Dance. It is curated by the Fashion Space Gallery and is part of the Arcade East, a space for sustainability and innovation creative practice and discovery.

Creative Lab brings together a select group of costume designers, choreographers and creative technologists to investigate how physical computing, mixed and virtual reality and e-textiles can inform practice when combined with dance and choreography. 




One of the Six finalists as Fashion Designer for the menswear collection “Revolt” at the FAAP MODA contest 2015.

Second Place as Fashion Designer for the menswear collection “WAR” at the FAAP MODA contest 2014.

Awarded best Advertisement creator, alongside her team members, by Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM) in the Marketing Project themed “Fashion Products” contest in 2010.



Film Unit piece made for masters “Twelfth Night’s Feste” was chosen to be part of the Westminster Reference Library first floor exhibition starting in February 2018. 


Masters Final Piece “Mother of Water” was chosen to be part of the University of the Arts London LCFMA19 – Fashioned Worlds exhibit starting in March 2019.




Hand Knitting

Machine and Hand Stitching

Pattern Cutting

Different drawing/illustration techniques

Projection mapping movement planning

Basic 3d printing

Basic Film editing

Content based writing

Technology experimentation

Creative Technology

Archive-based research

Image Editing


Customer Service





Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Premiere Pro

Office Package




Graphic Design

Textile-related crafts

Material Experimentation


Physical Theatre





Wearable Technology


Image Assemblage



Live Performance









Dance Knowledge


Latin Ballroom (samba, salsa, forró, bolero, rock soltinho)



Classical ballet