Live Performance piece is inspired by the character from the Novel Sunset Oasis by Bahaa Taher, Set in the early 19th century in Siwa, Egypt, a place with a mix of Amazigh and Egyptian culture.

Maleeka, creative and spirited girl in a conservative superstitious society, Facing being subjected to a practice of solitary confinement for widows, which was a customary practice for the time and place of the story.

This practice origins from the belief that widow or so-called "ghoul -woman" is accompanied by death and therefore a curse to everyone.

Maleeka's free spirit cannot endure this confinement and commits suicide. her struggle stands for all the girls and women that suffer when they fight to maintain their individual choices against the constraints of a conservative society.

project concept, costume, and making: Nashwa Maatouk 
Performed by: Julienne Schembri 
Choreography by: Jennifer Irons 
Course leader and the show producer: Agnes Treplin
The bridesmaids are: Gabriela Lotaif Aloma Barnes Radvilė Kisieliūtė Lina Aly
Photography: Emmi Hyyppä
Lighting Design: Antony Hateley 
Sound Composition: Wilfred Petherbridge 
Make up and Hair: Goshka Topolska