Mother of Water is a performance costume inspired by three Brazilian Folkloric female water entities. The aim of this piece is to establish water as a symbol of fertility through its embodiment in the figure of the water woman.

The ritual of the incorporation of the entities through the use of water makes mothers translate life through a perfectly circular cycle. This rotation is represented within the Folkloric figures of Yemanjá, Oxum and Nanã.

They are daughter, mother and grandmother of water. From the mud they are born, cleansed, become liquid life, give life through water and back into mud they transform.

Costume designed as the final masters project for the MA Costume Design for Performance course at London College of Fashion - UAL.

Concept, Costume design and realisation by: Gabriela Lotaif
Main performance by: Maria 
Supporting performance by: Radvilė Kisieliūtė, Nashwa Maatouk and me
Choreography by: Jennifer Irons
Photography by: Emmi Hyyppä
Course leadership and Show production by: Agnes Treplin
Lighting Design by: Anthony Hateley
Sound Composition by: Wilfred Petherbridge
Hair and Make up Design by: Goshka Topolska
Costume realisation Supervision by: Claire Christie
Special Thanks to: Marion Yarwood, Pablo Souto Alvarez, Dean Kincaid and Dimitrios Coumandos.

Drawings and Collages: