Revolta is a Menswear Collection made for the 2015 FAAP Moda contest. It was chosen as one of the six finalists and considered by Oskar Mestsavaht, one of the most influential Brazilian Fashion creators who was part of the juri, a clear expression of zeitgeist.

The collection was based on its contemporary events of manifestation and indignation by the Brazilian population on the country’s political leaders.

For creating this collection I used as visual inspiration the photography of João Antônio Benz Fagim, a social politics student who has captured the essence of the manifestations in an extremely emotional way.

Concept and design by: Gabriela Lotaif

realisation by: Márcio Akiyoshi

1st set of Pictures: Catwalk at the FAAP Moda contest.

Photographer: Unknown, pictures taken from the 2015 FAAP Moda website

2nd set of Pictures: Editorial styled for a fashion photography magazine project for the BA Fashion Design by the group of students formed by me, Mirela Perez, Gabriela Prado, Mikaely Macedo and Julia Barros.

Photographer: Gabriela Prado.

Drawings and inspiration Photography by João Antônio Benz Fagim: