Twelfth Night’s Feste is a film costume designed based on the reading of “Twelfth Night”, by William Shakespeare. It’s conceptualisation was fundamentally inspired by this play’s discussion about identity and how it is defined through human behaviour and interpersonal relationships.

Feste, the fool or the clown, is a character that most resembles the little devil that whispers in people’s ears and gets them to act in a certain way. Through his singing he exposes the truth about the other characters and so gives them confidence to stop hiding their desires and manners and start showing themselves as they really are.

In addition, after thoroughly considering how to approach such a contemporary thematic of the play through it’s visual representation I have decided to create rather contemporary designs. They are based on three main concepts derived from my understanding of the plot: Nonsense, Comedy and Weaving.

Costume designed as the film unit project for the MA Costume Design for Performance course at London College of Fashion - UAL.

Play: Twelfth Night, by William Shakespeare

Character: Feste, the fool. 
Performance by: Simon Ambrose Brown

Direction of Photography by: Stephanie Hargreaves

Editing by: Gabriela Lotaif

On Location Team: Yang Zhou, Isobel Pellow and Radvile Kisieliute.

Film Unit and Course Leader: Agnes Treplin

Special Thanks to: Claire Christie, Marion Yarwood, Celso Lotaif and Roberta Esper.
Behind the Scenes picture taken by: Agnes Treplin

Behind the Scenes Pictures:

Drawings of Feste and some other characters in Twelfth Night: